Holistic Perspectives is run by a husband and wife team, Brandon and Jennifer. The two first began their journey to natural health after experiencing one failure after another with the conventional healthcare model.

Since then, they’ve visited numerous practitioners, experimented with different diets, and sampled multitudes of herbs and supplements. The information found here is a combination of their experiences and knowledge.


After falling from his bike in a minor accident, Brandon was told he would need to consider surgery for his shoulder.  But even with that, it was expected he would only return to 80% of his former strength. Without no insurance or savings, it seemed like he would be forced to just live with a weak right arm.

Seeing his financial situation, the orthopedist suggested he visit the local chiropractor. Within three months of beginning treatment, he was back to normal as though nothing had happened. This was his second time seeing a chiropractor, with the first being treatment for chronic GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease, aka heart burn).

Just over a year later, with much urging from Jennifer and a local chiropractic friend, Brandon found himself on the doorstep of a chiropractic college, where he graduated from in 2019. In his spare time, Brandon hopes to share relevant news, research, and insight about health.


Having struggled with chronic illness for much of her life, Jennifer took an interest in herbalism and holistic healthcare after receiving some much needed advice at a Healthy Living expo. At that point she had been on medication after medication for over half of her existence with little gain. Fed up with side effects, she ditched the meds and began reading everything she could about natural alternatives.

She made the switch to natural personal care and cleaning products, phased out non-organic food from her diet, started visiting integrative practitioners, and learned how to make much of her food from scratch.

Over the years, she has tried numerous products, recipes, and supplements and intends to use this blog as a means of sharing the information she’s learned in addition to sharing her own journey struggling with chronic illness.